Year: 2022

Area: 600 m²

The one-story house is located on a plot with an impressive view of one of the Masurian lakes. The building, with a usable area of 600 m², consists of four structures. Three structures, topped with a gable roof, are connected by a low skywalk. Each module has a separate function – the middle block is a living area connected to a kitchenette, the western block is a relaxation zone with a spa and a cinema room, and the eastern block is a night zone. The facility is located parallel to the lake shore, and panoramic glazing allows you to enjoy the picturesque view from almost every place in the house. The interiors visually form a coherent whole in subdued colors with stronger black elements. Each of the children’s rooms is distinguished by a specific color, while at the same time not differing stylistically from the rest of the house.