Private interiors


We precede each implementation with an in-depth interview and, if possible, also a visit to the site of the planned investment. This is how we can create tailor-made projects. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our projects.


We undertake interior designs for private and public spaces.

  • We help in the arrangement of houses, apartments and mansions.
  • We support the creation of functional public spaces.
  • We offer design of service premises – restaurants, shops, clinics and others.
  • We design office premises.

This is just a sampling of our capabilities. We remain at the clients’ disposal for other orders not mentioned above.

Projektowanie wnętrz


We can design a specific room (kitchen, bathroom or other) before renovating it or design the entire apartment. In addition, we design various parts of business spaces. We will help you arrange rooms such as:

  • living room,
  • bedroom,
  • kitchen,
  • bathroom,
  • children’s room,
  • home office,
  • corridors,
  • guest room,
  • restaurant room,
  • reception,
  • office,
  • office space,
  • shop and other commercial premises.

We are flexible – if the client decides to order a design for another room that is not on the list, we will be happy to take on even a bold challenge.

Projekty wnętrz

Interior designs


We do not limit ourselves to one interior style.

  • As a rule, we design minimalistically.
  • Each of our apartment or house designs is timeless. It looks good for many years, regardless of trends.
  • We attach great importance to the functionality of the interior.

We focus on an individual approach to each project.

The implementation of each project basically consists of three stages: graphic presentation, technical documentation, and development of finishing materials. Two packages are available: GOLD and PREMIUM.

  • Graphical presentation

The first stage is preceded by an in-depth interview with the investor. We define preferences, needs and expectations. We meet both in our office and in a given interior. We set the budget for our proposed project.

Then we create a concept. At this stage, you can make corrections twice. We are open to the needs of future residents or users of a given space. We create photorealistic visualizations and 2D projections. We use advanced tools that enable easy orientation in the project. The PREMIUM package also includes samples showing finishing materials.

  • Technical Documentation

After accepting the graphic presentation, we create detailed technical documentation of the project. This is a detailed executive design including, among others, layout views, floor finishing, electrical and sanitary installations with fittings, furniture and buildings, and much more. We create documentation of projections, cross-sections, wall developments and details at various scales.

The PREMIUM package also includes a selection of sound equipment, audio and video devices, household appliances, automation, intelligent solutions, air conditioning, heating and more. We can individually design free-standing furniture. The design is detailed – all you need to do is present it to the carpentry workshop.

  • Preparation of a list of finishing materials

We create a bill of finishing materials, specifying the required quantity and allowance. In the PREMIUM package, we create a list of offers from suppliers of finishing materials: carpentry, wall and floor coverings, fittings, ceramics, appliances and all other elements. Preparing a detailed technical design and bill of materials makes it easier for the investor to supervise the work.

Designing functional and timeless interiors is our domain. If you are looking for such a space, please contact us.

  • Contact us via the form. It is worth providing as many details as possible at this stage. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • We will meet at our office – in Warsaw, Krakow or London. We will also carry out a site inspection. We will talk about your preferences, priorities and the budget you can allocate for interior design.
  • We start creating the concept. This is the time to submit any reservations and corrections. Consultations are included in the price.
  • After accepting the conceptual design, we create technical documentation. In the last step, we prepare a list of materials necessary to complete the project.

We invite you to an introductory conversation.

Each project goes through different members of our office. Thanks to the cooperation of specialists from various disciplines, we can create the best solutions. The project created in this way is comprehensive. The conceptual design goes hand in hand with technical documentation, which presents not only the framework design, but also the equipment – buildings, custom-made furniture and others. This makes it easier to order carpentry and other finishing works. The list of materials also allows for quick implementation of the project. In the PREMIUM package, we present suppliers’ offers, which is a great convenience for the investor.

It is impossible to universally determine how long interior design will take. It depends, among other things, on the size and customer expectations. Before starting work on a given project, we provide the approximate time that will be necessary for a given implementation.

During the valuation, we approach each project individually. The price depends primarily on the size of the apartment and the rooms we have to design. The second factor influencing the cost of the service is the choice of package – GOLD or PREMIUM. We invite you to a meeting that will answer all your questions and dispel your doubts.