We create tailor-made projects, spending a lot of time listening to the client’s needs during the investment. In addition to the building design, we deal with all necessary arrangements in the field of occupational health and safety and sanitary and epidemiological requirements.


Find out why the quality of finishing is so important in commercial real estate and why it is worth entrusting the project to an external company.

  • Commercial property must be subject to strict occupational health and safety and sanitary-epidemiological standards, especially in the medical and beauty industries. We create spaces that meet the highest standards.
  • Our commercial properties look great, which is important for potential customers. Increase your profit by paying attention to aesthetics.
  • We create commercial properties that attract attention and encourage entry, while being well-designed and comfortable – for employees and guests.

Our solutions are tailor-made. We plan facilities that are perfectly tailored to the needs of a given industry. They are ergonomic, aesthetic, well-thought-out and safe.

Projektowanie budynków komercyjnych


Our services cover the entire project and a little more. They consist of the following elements:

  • conceptual design – when designing commercial real estate, we first create a conceptual design – a general concept of the facility with visualizations and projections.
  • construction design – then we create a construction design necessary to obtain a building permit.
  • technical design – optionally, we can create a technical design with installations and structure.
  • detailed design – for the convenience of the investor, we can undertake an executive design that will serve the work of individual contractors.
  • inter-industry coordination – we offer coordination between contractors and subcontractors from specific industries – electrical, construction, sanitary, etc.
  • author’s supervision – our architect can also supervise the course of work to ensure that individual commercial real estate projects are implemented in the best possible way.

Especially the comprehensive service is a convenient solution for the investor, ensuring the best implementation.

Projekty budynków komercyjnych

Commercial building designs


The definition of commercial real estate is property intended for business purposes, not for residence. Our service covers a number of such facilities. Including:

  • diverse office premises,
  • service premises from specific industries,
  • premises intended for medical activities (e.g. aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery clinics and hospitals),
  • public buildings.

We remain flexible and adapt to the investor’s unusual needs.

The basic service is a conceptual and construction design combined with representation before offices. We can also offer technical and executive design to facilitate the investment.

  • Conceptual design

At this stage, we meet the investor twice: first in our office (Kraków, Warsaw, London), then in the place where the commercial property is to be built. We talk about expectations, needs, and the specificity of a given business activity. We check how a building can be placed on a given plot.

Then we create a design of what a given commercial property should look like. We create the concept based on the budget. We allow double corrections. We develop the functional layout, floor and roof plans, and cross-sections. We determine land development, façade finishing and material proposals. We make a three-dimensional model of the solid, drawings on a scale of 1:500 and 1:100, and photorealistic visualizations.

  • Construction design

In the next stage, we create a construction design necessary to obtain a building permit. We represent the client before the relevant authorities.

The construction project consists of two parts: land development and architecture. The first includes the location of the building, access roads, fences, external installations for connections and other elements. This part contains drawings and description.

The second area is architectural design. It contains technical drawings, guidelines related to construction, heating methods and officially required elements.

The construction design created in this way can be presented to the office.

  • Optional: technical design

An additional option is a technical design, which includes installations (electricity, sanitary, utility water, etc.). There may be a solution here such as heat recovery or a heat pump. The project includes a structure with projections, calculations and sections. When designing commercial real estate, it is worth taking into account inter-industry coordination, which we can undertake.

  • Optional: detailed design

When we design commercial real estate, we can offer to create an executive design. This is how you can improve the investment process. The project consists of an architectural part (including description of partition layers, roof projections, elevations with materials, selection of windows, doors and lighting, characteristic details) and a technical part including structures and installations (development of the technical design). It is a convenience for representatives of particular industries – construction workers and installers.

  • Please contact us via the form or e-mail address. Please provide as many details as possible: where the commercial property is to be built, the specific nature of the business activity, and the investor’s expectations.
  • We meet in our office. During the meeting, we will discuss the terms of cooperation related to a given commercial property. We will establish priorities and a budget according to which we will design.
  • We visit the plot where a commercial property is to be built. This is important – we need to know the characteristics of the terrain.
  • After collecting the necessary information, we start the project.

The basic scope is conceptual and construction design. Together with them, we offer representation before offices. We take into account the necessary occupational health and safety and sanitary-epidemiological permits. We create the necessary documentation. We can offer optional projects, inter-industry coordination and author’s supervision.

Creating a project is time-consuming and cannot be predicted before familiarizing yourself with the nature of the property and the given business activity. On average, the waiting time for a conceptual design is several weeks, as for each subsequent element.

These types of real estate are different from designing a house or apartment. The price is influenced primarily by the conditions and complexity of a given building. A large factor affecting the cost is the size of the facility.