We care about impeccable decor, employee comfort, convenience and consumer satisfaction. We use modern solutions, reach for refined decorative elements, and design in a timeless manner. See for yourself and get to know our offer.


The sophisticated arrangement of places such as restaurants, offices or shops has a great impact on the well-being of customers.

  • The impressive interior is memorable. Customers feel good there and are happy to visit the premises in the future.
  • Well-thought-out layout and equipment influence the comfort of the team working in a given premises.
  • A good concept is also important for clients with special needs, including people with disabilities and children.
  • Designing premises is also important because they must meet a number of sanitary, occupational health and safety and other standards. This affects the layout and solutions used. Knowing this specificity makes it easier for architects to prepare the best design.

Each place has its own specificity. Design should be both individualized and respond to the needs of a given service provider, and universal and respond to the needs of a wide range of customers. We know how to do it.

Projekty lokali usługowych


Our services are comprehensive. We approach the design in a comprehensive manner.

  • We create tailor-made concepts. We take into account the unique characteristics of a given service provider and emphasize the nature of the company.
  • We plan a layout that is easy to work in and easy for the client to navigate.
  • At each stage, we take into account legal standards and requirements for a given industry.
  • We design the arrangement using minimalism and timelessness. Our interiors will look good for many years.
  • Each design includes functional and ergonomic solutions. We can also suggest the selection of equipment.
  • We develop industry projects and obtain the necessary permits and agreements to carry out renovation and finishing works.
  • We create a detailed list including the necessary materials. Together with the technical documentation, they constitute a ready-made executive design for the company that will deal with the finishing.

We encourage you to check out our portfolio. This is the best sample of our style and the class of the proposed solutions.

Projektowanie lokali usługowych

Commercial premises designs


Our many years of experience are the result of cooperation with various investors. We design service premises in many industries, not limiting ourselves to one. We can design a service premises such as:

  • hotel interiors,
  • interiors of medical facilities,
  • interiors of catering establishments,
  • interiors of service premises,

We also gladly accept bold orders, always thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the specific nature of the industry and its requirements.

We create our commercial premises designs in three stages: we create a concept, after its approval, we prepare technical documentation, and finally we send a bill of materials. For investor convenience, we offer two packages: GOLD and PREMIUM.

  • Graphical presentation

When designing service premises, we carefully consider the needs of employees and future customers. The specificity of a restaurant is different, and a client of a beauty salon will need different amenities. We talk about the characteristics of a given industry. We meet in our office and at a given premises.

We get to know the object, its location and surroundings. If the design is to include the appearance of the façade, we also need possible guidelines from the Heritage Protection Officer.

We are talking about the investment budget. Then we start creating the concept.

At this stage, we create photorealistic visualizations and 2D projections. It is worth consulting with our representatives. Corrections can be made twice during conceptual work. In the extended package, we prepare samples of materials.

  • Technical Documentation

After accepting the conceptual design, we create detailed technical documentation. Our office employs specialists in various fields, which allows us to benefit from the professional knowledge of representatives of various industries involved in the arrangement.

We consult with a fire protection expert. and health and safety. It is important to us that customers not only feel safe in a given space, but above all – that it meets really high standards.

The technical documentation includes the optimal functional layout, sanitary and electrical installations, decor and details, and building designs. In the extended package, we can offer amenities such as sound equipment, a selection of the best household appliances and electronics, intelligent solutions and automation. Customers receive numerous projects from us, thanks to which the investor can easily supervise the progress of work. In addition, we help in obtaining the necessary formal approvals, agree on the project with the relevant institutions, and represent the investor during the formal implementation of the project before the relevant Department of Architecture.

  • List of finishing materials

In the last stage of our services, we compile the materials necessary for the work. They contain calculations of the quantity with an allowance. In the extended package, we propose a list of suppliers’ offers, which will facilitate procurement.

  • We encourage you to contact us using the appropriate form. We will be grateful if you provide details of the investment in your message.
  • We start designing service premises with two meetings – in our office (in Krakow, Warsaw or London) and in a given premises. We talk about the investor’s preferences and the nature of the company. This way it will be easier for us to match the decor.
  • The next step is to prepare the concept. During design work, we take into account all stringent sanitary and health and safety requirements. We introduce functional improvements, also for people with disabilities.
  • Then we create technical documentation and a list of materials necessary to arrange the premises (including lighting, furniture, ceramics, paints).

We carry out comprehensive interior design projects. We create them tailor-made, adapting to the investor’s expectations. Meeting standards and regulations is of great importance here. When planning space, we first create a conceptual plan, then technical documentation. We put together the materials necessary for finishing. The projections show details, including designs of individual built-in and free-standing furniture made to measure. We encourage you to read our detailed offer.

Designing commercial premises is time-consuming, so we try to complete all orders as a team. The service time depends primarily on the size of the premises and the additional options ordered. At the beginning of cooperation, based on an initial interview, we can provide an estimated waiting time for the first visualizations.

The price of such a service depends on the size of the premises and its specificity. At the beginning of cooperation, we price all services.