Houses and mansions


We ensure the highest functionality of the concepts we propose, combining it with attention to aesthetics and details. We carry out construction, technical and executive designs. Get to know MOKAA and our ideas.


The ideal house design is one that fully meets the expectations of its inhabitants. For this reason, we reject ready-made projects and only create tailor-made solutions.

  • Ready-made house designs do not meet the personal needs of residents. Individualized – they allow you to build your dream house, meeting even the most sophisticated expectations. This applies to the number of rooms and their purpose, structure and style.
  • Importantly, ready-made house designs may not meet legal requirements. The individual house design will be consistent with the local development plan or the decision on the conditions of design and development of the area appropriate for a specific plot.
  • We design houses, mansions and unique buildings. We make sure that the costs of building a house are fully in line with the investors’ budget.

If you are looking for timeless style, high-class functional solutions and a concept that meets your needs one hundred percent – choose house and residence design services at MOKAA.

Projektowanie domów i rezydencji


We undertake various, even demanding orders. We can perform, among others:

  • Designs of single-family houses and residences on flat and more complex plots,
  • Reconstructions and adaptations of existing facilities,
  • Designs of frame, passive or energy-saving houses,
  • Designs of detached house estates,
  • Multi-family arrangements in the form of two-unit houses.

In practice, these are only framework terms – we create fully individualized house designs in various styles, tailored to individual needs and dreams.

Projekty domów i rezydencji

Designs of houses and mansions


The basic package includes a conceptual design (photorealistic visualizations and layouts) and a construction design (spatial development and architectural design). Optionally, we offer technical, architectural and executive designs with structures and installations.

Representation is an element of our cooperation. We support you in obtaining a building permit for a house from institutions such as the City Hall, the District Office, road and network managers. We respond to notifications, submit necessary applications and coordinate the completion of construction documentation – such attachments as documentation regarding the technical conditions of connections, a document certifying compliance with the requirements of the Construction Law or an analysis of the facility’s impact area. We understand that legal requirements can be complicated for investors, which is why we take on these responsibilities.

Optionally, we can offer technical coordination. Thanks to it, we optimize industry projects, ensuring that they are consistent with the architectural design.

Our activities take place in several stages. Conceptual and construction design is a basic service included in the representation package. To facilitate investors, we also offer technical and executive designs as well as design coordination.

  • Conceptual design

We meet investors twice: in our office (Warsaw, Krakow, London) and in the place where the house is to be built. This is important – we want to know how the building can be founded. Designs for a narrow plot are different, and muddy ground requires different solutions.

We spend a lot of time talking about expectations. An individual design, unlike a ready-made house design, allows you to best respond to your personal needs and preferences. We talk about expectations, requirements and inspirations.

We also discuss the issue of budget so that the cost of building a house is within the investor’s reach. We learn about the requirements of the local development plan or development conditions.

In the next stage, we start creating the concept. During this time, we remain in contact with the investor. We want the result to be a truly dream house design.

In the concept, we develop the layout of the rooms (functional layout), floor and roof projections, cross-sections, elevation, land development, and proposals for finishing materials. We create a computer spatial model of the solid. The concept also includes photorealistic visualizations and drawings on a scale of 1:500 and 1:100.

  • Construction design

Then we create a construction design that will be consistent with the guidelines set out in the local development plan or development conditions. A construction design is necessary to obtain a building permit.

The project consists of two parts. The first is land development. Here we take into account the location of the building, access roads, fence lines, external installations for connections, shading and screening, impact area, and data related to fire safety. We create a graphic part and a descriptive part.

We also create an architectural design. Here you will find technical drawings, guidelines for the structure design, heating method and other elements required by offices.

  • Optional: technical design

When creating a design for a single-family or other house, we can also offer additional services. We undertake inter-industry coordination and can create a technical project.

It includes the structure with projections, cross-sections and calculations, installations (utility water, sanitary, storm sewage, gas or heat pump, heating, recuperation or other solutions – this is important especially when we create designs of energy-efficient houses). We also design electrical installations – high-current and low-current.

During this stage of house design, we cooperate with specialists from specific industries.

  • Optional: detailed design

For the investor’s convenience and to streamline the process, we can continue working on the house design by preparing a detailed design.

The first part is architecture. Here you will find detailed solutions, including: description of individual layers of external and internal partitions, roof projections with divisions of materials, facades with finishing materials, selection of windows, doors, external lighting and others. The design also includes characteristic details. We prepare documentation in scales 1:50, 1:20 and 1:5.

The second part of the detailed design are structures and installations. This is an extension of the technical design. Industry design is important for representatives of specific industries when they are involved in building a house – construction workers and installers. It is a great convenience for the investor.

We encourage you to check out our portfolio. We present unique house designs created at MOKAA. These include designs of both small houses and larger buildings.

  • Contact us via the form. We will be grateful if you provide indicative data about the project.
  • We reply or call you back as soon as possible. We arrange a meeting to discuss the details. You will tell us how you imagine your own home and what you expect to adapt it to your needs. We’d love to see your inspirations.
  • We are going to the investment site. We operate all over the country.
  • We develop a conceptual design. We design the structure and its outbuildings, garages and gazebos. This is how we create the best house design for you.
  • We are starting to develop an architectural and construction design. We represent you before authorities and help you obtain a building permit.
  • Optionally, we can continue work by creating a technical and executive design.

We can also offer interior design. We create tailor-made solutions, with good taste and maximum functionality in mind. We care about timeless style. We create interior visualizations, projections, detailed drawings and material studies.

We create tailor-made house designs. We know that consumers are often dissatisfied with publicly available ready-made house designs. We only create individual projects that fulfill dreams and meet the needs of all residents.

  • We create house designs as a team. This means that each order passes through the hands of all our experienced architects and specialists in other fields. Additionally, possible inter-industry coordination prevents possible inconsistencies between industry projects and the architectural design.
  • Our portfolio includes house designs implemented by MOKAA over the years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these investments visible on our website. They prove the class of the solutions we create. Cooperation with renowned business partners also confirms our competences.
  • MOKAA has been operating since 2012. The experience we have gained over the years and the team we have gathered allow us to create perfect designs of single-family houses, multi-family houses and residences. Our office consists of talented architects and other engineers educated at recognized universities. We know how to design with class and timelessness.
  • Competencies are also confirmed by awards received. This is pride for us, but also an impulse for further development.

We want investors to feel luxury and maximum comfort in their own home. Our solutions are timeless, visually impressive and functional.

We are open to challenges and respond to the needs of residents using various technological solutions. Our main technologies are:

  • traditional brick construction,
  • steel frame structure,
  • wooden frame structure.

We don’t limit to these technologies. We design timelessly – both stylistically and technically. We can design energy-efficient, passive and unique houses – depending on the preferences of the residents.

The price of a single-family or other house project, as well as a residence, depends primarily on the square footage, which translates into the working time. For this reason, designs of single-story houses with a small area are cheaper than designs of large buildings for a multi-generational family. It is also influenced by the selection of additional options that significantly facilitate the investment.

Ready-made designs of single-family and other houses do not meet all investor expectations. We only create individual solutions. Each house design is tailored to the personal needs and requirements of future residents. Remember that if you want to buy a ready-made house design, not all corrections will be possible. It is definitely better to choose an individual project that will make your dreams come true.