Year: 2019

Area: 320 m²

Interior design of a house located in Wola Justowska in Krakow. It is characterized by a unique approach to colors, combining neutral shades with expressive, deep elements, such as dark veneer or sintered quartz. The interior of this house exudes harmony and modernity thanks to the use of neutral colors. The light tones dominating the living spaces have been intelligently combined with strong, dark accents. Dark veneer and sintered quartz create elegant and refined details, giving the entire project an individual and modern character. Natural light is fully used thanks to large glazing and carefully planned arrangement of rooms. This makes the neutral color scheme deeper and the contrast between light and dark elements becomes even more impressive. The project in Wola Justowska in Krakow is a perfect example of how a balanced combination of neutral tones with expressive, dark details can create elegant and modern interiors, while emphasizing the unique character of the space.