STONE OFFICE office building

Year: 2021

Area: 1200 m²

The office and service building was designed at one of the main traffic intersections in Limanowa. According to the provisions of the local plan, all larger architectural forms should be in scale with the nearby buildings. Hence the idea to design a structure composed of two forms with gable roofs on a stone structure, which was used to create viewing terraces.

The plot with a difference in levels of over three meters made it possible to locate an additional garage floor with a well-lit service room on the south side. The dominant feature in the area is the church tower made of sheet metal, which was referred to in the designed architecture. The main means of expressing the façade is the locally occurring stone, which is a characteristic element of the nearby buildings. The entire composition is topped with horizontal larch boards and numerous glazing with decorative vertical lamellas on the front façade.