Year: 2020

Area: 430 m² 

The MODERN BARN project is a harmonious synthesis of an idyllic atmosphere with modernity, inspired by the profession of investors involved in breeding long-haired cows. Steeped in tradition, this unique residence exudes the warmth of country charm while incorporating modern architectural elements. The facade of this project is made of natural and authentic materials such as wood and stone-slate. Natural wood, used as the main element of the façade, gives the entire structure an idyllic character. The shade of wood creates a cozy atmosphere, and the texture emphasizes the natural charm of the rural surroundings. Stone-slate, used as an additional element of the façade, gives the building solidity and durability. Its natural structure perfectly matches the character of the rural landscape, giving the whole an elegant look. The contrast between wood and stone creates a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. The MODERN BARN project not only respects tradition, but also takes into account functionality and modern needs.