Lake House Villa

Year: 2023

Area: 1750m² 

The house design includes five single-story structures with gable roofs, connected by glass skywalks, and one horizontal structure with a flat, green roof. The house is located in a picturesque setting by the lake, where the composition of the shapes creates a charming landscape. The project includes numerous places to relax, perfect for relaxing by the lake shore. Three garages located in a single-story, flat, oval shape serve various functions. The first one is a garage for equipment and sports vehicles, the second one is for cars for everyday use, and the third one is for collector cars, additionally equipped with a display case for displaying the sports car. The entire property is characterized by elegant design and functional layout. At the entrance to the property there is a patio with a decorative water tank, creating a pleasant welcome. The bedroom has its own private patio with a terrace, also with a decorative water tank, which is a charming place to relax. From the garden there is a lake with a picturesque island, on which there is a small relaxation terrace, accessible e.g. by using a water board. Additionally, there is a larger terrace leading to the island with a seating area, deckchairs, a jacuzzi and a fireplace, accessible through concrete slabs. This architecture combines functionality, elegance, and comfort, creating a unique environment for living and relaxation.