Year: 2023

Area: 490 m²  

IDYLLIC Villa is a unique house, characterized by a modern and harmonious architectural design. It consists of four shapes that have been cleverly connected to each other using elegant glass skywalks. This unique architectural layout not only gives the property an attractive appearance, but also creates spacious and functional interiors. The dominant materials used in construction are mainly wood and sinter, which gives IDYLLIC Villa a unique and natural character. Wooden elements are incorporated into the building, giving it a warm and cozy aesthetic. Sinter, used as an additional material, gives the building structure a modern look, while emphasizing harmony with the surroundings. The interiors of IDYLLIC Villa are well thought out in terms of functionality and comfort of the residents. Glass skywalks, serving as common spaces, let in a lot of natural light, which makes the spaces bright and pleasant. This is an ideal solution for those who value closeness to nature, without giving up modern and luxurious solutions. The space was created to harmonize with the surrounding environment, creating an ideal place to live for people looking for peace and aesthetics. Thanks to the use of wood and sinter, the building fits into the natural landscape.