Year: 2020

Area: 300 m²

The house is located in the small town of Tęgoborze, close to Lake Rożnowskie. A modern house in which the main feature is a glass wall with a herringbone arrangement of wooden slats. Materials used in this project include: sheet metal, wood, and glass. This wall not only provides natural light and a breathtaking view of the surroundings, but also adds elegance and a unique character. The building consists of two structures – the main, two-story one with a gable roof and the one-story one with a flat roof. The relaxation space is located on the ground floor, in the most representative part of the building, open to two floors thanks to panoramic glazing with a picturesque view of the nearby greenery. On the ground floor there is also an office and a master bedroom with access to the terrace, as well as technical rooms with a garage. The attic of the main part has been arranged as a youth zone – there are three bedrooms with access to the roof terrace, and an additional space for children to play and relax. The facility was designed in accordance with the provisions of the Local Development Plan and refers to traditional architecture by basing the projection on a rectangular shape. A characteristic motif of the designed house is a herringbone-shaped openwork screen made of cedar wood. The project envisages finishing the roof with light gray standing seam sheet metal. The building’s facades will be finished with sintered ceramic with a natural stone texture and natural-colored cedar wood. The terrace on the ground floor and the soffit will be made of natural wood. The materials used in combination with the wooden herringbone give the building an elegant and idyllic character.