Year: 2018

Area: 700 m²

The interior design of the lobby and the external space of the office building is a harmonious composition of elegance, modernity and functionality. The whole design was kept in light colors, which gives the facility a light and modern character. The lobby of the office building welcomes guests with light marble-effect sinter. This unique solution adds a luxurious finish to the space while introducing a subtle, natural element to the room. Large glazing that lets in daylight goes perfectly with light tones, illuminating the space. Light wood veneer is used on the lobby walls, which gives the interior a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This wood has not only a decorative but also acoustic function, creating a calm environment in the central point of the office building. Light sinter harmoniously intertwines with black sinter with veins, creating a dynamic and modern composition. These contrasts add character to the space and constitute an attractive background. Landscaping elements in outdoor spaces, such as benches and lighting, are carefully selected to blend in with the rest of the arrangement.

Vegetation in the form of elegant flower pots adds natural beauty to the outdoor space.