Year: 2014

Area: 700 m²

The headquarters of FreshMail and Opcom are located in the DELTA office building in Krakow. The design work included creating a functional layout, designing the location of electrical and ventilation installations, and interior design. The area of almost 700 m² was to reflect the creative and digital nature of the investors’ companies, which is why it was decided to use expressive colors and original wall and ceiling finishes. To enhance the unusual character of the interiors, open reinforced concrete ceilings were left as a background for the installation of ventilation ducts, which were painted in vivid colors. The office space was zoned for two companies, but in the core of the building there were common rooms, such as a reception, a kitchen with a dining room, and meeting rooms. We wanted to create a space that was „tongue in cheek”, diverse and stimulating the creativity of employees. It was decided to differentiate the colors of individual rooms so that the colors refer to the leading colors of the companies’ visual identification. In interior finishing, we focused primarily on Polish design, creating a positive and pleasant office space.