Year: 2016

Area: 400 m² 

On the southern slope there is a beautiful area overlooking the forest. There, we were asked to prepare a design for a villa that concentrates the living space on the ground floor. The created basement was arranged for wellness and spa. On the second level, we created two bedrooms with bathrooms for guests. We have developed a conceptual, construction and executive design. Construction permits have been obtained and finishing materials have been selected. The building is being finalized. House in Michałowice. The building is located on a southern slope with a direct view of the Michałowice Forest. Due to the high aesthetic values of the surrounding area and the lack of buildings in the immediate vicinity to which the designed facility could refer in terms of materials, it was decided to use materials that fit it into the natural surroundings. The large volume of the facility was divided into smaller forms that correspond to the suburban character of the buildings.