Year: 2021

Area: 280 m²

CONNECTED HOUSE, the project of reconstruction and renovation of the existing building and the location of a new facility on the plot assumes the connection of two structures with gable roofs, the connecting element is a single-story frame. Both structures will be covered with roofs without eaves and connected with a flat form of roofs and frames, which give the composition a modern style. In the expanded part of the building there is a residential part with an open living area on the ground floor and the owners’ bedroom on the first floor, while the second building will serve as a two-car garage and a space for a music rehearsal room, with a sleeping space for guests on the mezzanine. The façade is covered with dark brown wooden boards, and the steep roof slopes are equipped with solar panels. Here and there will also be graphite concrete slabs in shades similar to the roof covering. Aluminum dormers and slats add elegance and a modern character to the structure. The minimalist shapes of both houses, consistently covered with boards, are carved with massive dormers and huge glazing that open the interiors of the rooms to the greenery surrounding the investors’ plot. Additionally, individual gable walls were completely open thanks to triangular windows, limited only by steep slopes of roofs and gable rims. The dark window joinery corresponds to the color of the facade, and the vertical profiles of the dormer windows piercing the steep attic areas are a characteristic detail that gives the villa an individual character. Two blocks placed perpendicular to each other create an „L”-shaped plan and visually separate the space of the access road from the private garden part hidden deep inside the plot. The horizontal shape of the building is emphasized by effectively illuminated flat roofs that form the garage roof and the entrance arcade along which investors, children and guests can move between both buildings.