Year: 2021

Area: 90 m²

Interior design of a law firm in Krakow characterized by dark colors that give the rooms seriousness and professionalism. The main decorative element in this office are dark sinters with veins, which were used in strategic places, creating a unique and luxurious decor. In some offices it was decided to use a warm shade of veneer with a wood effect. This choice not only softens the severity of the dark color scheme, but also creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The office’s reception area is covered with light wood-effect veneer. This bright accent acts as a focal point of the space, bringing light into the interior and contrasting with dark decorative elements. The reception desk provides a hospitable and professional welcome to customers, harmoniously fitting into the overall design. The furniture is kept in a minimalist style, which emphasizes the seriousness and functionality of the office. The lighting has been carefully selected to highlight important areas while maintaining the appropriate atmosphere.