Year: 2022

Area: 200 m²

The interior design of the office in Aleksandrów Łódzki is a unique space with bright colors and a minimalist design, characterized by elegance and functionality. The project uses natural, light wood veneers. This creates an impression of warmth and nature while introducing organic elements into the work environment. Contrasting with the wood, gray veneers were used on other walls, which gives the interior a modern and subtle elegance. This gray harmonizes perfectly with natural wood, creating a coherent and subdued composition. An additional element of the arrangement are sinters with a stone structure, which have both a decorative and practical function. The use of sinters gives the space an industrial character and at the same time introduces solidity and durability to the interior. The entire project is based on the principle of minimalism, which makes the office exude peace and order. Furniture and accessories are carefully selected, eliminating all unnecessary elements, which translates into the ergonomics and functionality of the workspace. Light is a key element of the design – minimalist ceiling lighting and natural light coming through large windows give the office a pleasant atmosphere and promote effective work.