Project: Private space
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2018
Size: 6500 sq ft

Measuring 192 meters, Złota 44 is currently the tallest apartment building in the UE. It was designed by the Daniel Libeskind’s studio, therefore the interior required a unique approach in order to accentuate the extraordinary building construction.

We were asked to present the visualization for the exceptional penthouse . Located on the top three floors of Złota 44, it boasts a breathtaking view over Warsaw. 52nd floor holds the living space, the next level is dedicated to an office, whereas the last, 54th floor, is home to a master bedroom.

We decided to go for a contemporary, modern look while drawing attention to the distinctive construction of this multi-storied space. The key elements are: exquisite materials, plenty of greenery (contrasting with the urban views outside the windows) and spectacular lamps hanging down six meters from the ceiling. Openwork, marble staircase connects the three levels.

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