Project: Office space
Location: Cracow, Poland
Year: 2014
Size: 7530 sq ft

This project covered creating a floorplan, planning the electrical and ventilation installations as well as the interior design. Creative and digital character of the companies was to be reflected in the design which is why we went for bold, colourful prints, original wall and ceiling finishing and fun details. To enhance the unique, industrial character of the interiors, reinforced concrete ceilings were left open as a background for the ventilation ducts, which were then painted with bold colours.

The office space differs depending on the company, but the core of the building offers a common area with one reception, a kitchen and dining space as well as conference rooms. It was our goal to create a fun, versatile space that boosts employees’ creativity. We used the brand colours for both of the companies and we went for Polish design when choosing materials, fabrics and prints.

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